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Our latest case studies

Digital education is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s time to adapt to this new learning environment. Find out how other institutions have successfully implemented digital tools into their classrooms.

Download The Petroleum Institute – University and Research Center Case Study

Discover how to make the transition from traditional textbook to multimedia learning resources using WileyPLUS.

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pdf screenshot of Petroleum case study

Download the Cape Peninsula University of Technology Case Study

Download the Cape Peninsula University of Technology Case Study to discover how WileyPLUS enabled faculty to deliver instant individualised student feedback on homework assignments.

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pdf screenshot of Cape

Download the University of Westminster Case Study

Discover the impact of class trials for WileyPLUS with ORION on a Biological Science course.

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pdf screenshot of Westminster

Download the Sharjah Case Study

Learn how integrating WileyPLUS into Blackboard better served the students with access to their course across locations.

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Download the Glasgow Caledonian University Case Study

Learn how the Department of Life Sciences created a cost-effective textbook solution using Wiley Custom Select, specifically tailored for their course.

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"It's like having a tutor at home." Student – The University of Westminster, UK
"The inclusion of affordable technology in the classroom has revolutionised our extended curriculum programme. WileyPLUS has significantly impacted the way students learn and access educational materials." Lecturer – The University of Manchester, UK
"I liked the hints within WileyPLUS very much in the sense that it provided more time to actually do the questions and then if you went wrong it gave you a hint on how to tackle it." Student – Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa
"Wiley enabled us to pick and choose content from a portfolio of enterprise and entrepreneurial knowledge which supported our teaching objectives. The custom model worked for us because it allowed us to create totally bespoke material for our students in a format that suited them." Bernadette Scott BA MPhil MCMI MCIPD FHEA Senior Lecturer
HRM Group, Department of Business Management, Glasgow School for Business and Society