Business Statistics
8th Edition

Business Statistics
Ken Black

© 2014

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Topics covered

1. Introduction to Statistics 02

2. Charts and Graphs 18

3. Descriptive Statistics 52

4. Probability 98

5. Discrete Distributions 142

6. Continuous Distributions 184

7. Sampling and Sampling Distributions 224

8. Statistical Inference: Estimation for Single Populations 260

9. Statistical Inference: Hypothesis Testing for Single Populations 298

10. Statistical Inferences About Two Populations 354

11. Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiments 414

12. Simple Regression Analysis and Correlation 476

13. Multiple Regression Analysis 528

14. Building Multiple Regression Models 558

15. Time-Series Forecasting and Index Numbers 608

16. Analysis of Categorical Data 664

17. Nonparametric Statistics 688

18. Statistical Quality Control 738

A Tables 783

B Answers to Selected Odd-Numbered Quantitative Problems 823