Essential Biochemistry 
4th Edition

Essential Biochemistry 
Charlotte W. Pratt
Kathleen Cornely

© 2018

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Topics covered

PART 1 Foundations
Chapter 1 The Chemical Basis of Life
Chapter 2 Aqueous Chemistry

Chapter 3 From Genes to Proteins
Chapter 4 Protein Structure
Chapter 5 Protein Function
Chapter 6 How Enzymes Work
Chapter 7 Enzyme Kinetics and Inhibition
Chapter 8 Lipids and Membranes
Chapter 9 Membrane Transport
Chapter 10 Signaling
Chapter 11 Carbohydrates

Chapter 12 Metabolism and Bioenergetics
Chapter 13 Glucose Metabolism
Chapter 14 The Citric Acid Cycle
Chapter 15 Oxidative Phosphorylation
Chapter 16 Photosynthesis
Chapter 17 Lipid Metabolism
Chapter 18 Nitrogen Metabolism
Chapter 19 Regulation of Mammalian Fuel Metabolism

Chapter 20 DNA Replication and Repair
Chapter 21 Transcription and RNA
Chapter 22 Protein Synthesis