Foundation Mathematics and Mathematics

Foundation Mathematics and Mathematics
Dr. Colin Steele
Dr Gareth Woods, Professor Jeremy Levesley, Professor Douglas Quinney

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Introducing two new online learning solutions designed to engage students and build their confidence in mathematics.


Foundation Mathematics

Steele Foundation


Steele Foundation

Topics covered

  • A fully integrated suite of learning tools designed to boost student engagement and provide a contextual background for the key concepts.
  • Material is broken down into modules consisting of bite-sized chunks of content, with all media and assessment linked directly to learning objectives.
  • Each module begins with clear and concise learning objectives, self-assessment questions and hyperlinked pre-requisites so students can quickly navigate back to topics that might require further study.
  • Extension material allows students to explore beyond the core content.
  • Each module features interactive tools so that the student can practice and play with concepts for comprehension.