Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing
6th Edition

Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing
Mikell P. Groover

© 2016

Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing: Materials, Processes, and Systems, 6th Edition, is designed for a first course or two-course sequence in Manufacturing at the junior level in Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering curricula. As in preceding editions, the author’s objective is to provide a treatment of manufacturing that is modern and quantitative. The book’s modern approach is based on balanced coverage of the basic engineering materials, the inclusion of recently developed manufacturing processes and comprehensive coverage of electronics manufacturing technologies. The quantitative focus of the text is displayed in its emphasis on manufacturing science and its greater use of mathematical models and quantitative end-of-chapter problems.

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  • Approximately 30% of the end-of-chapter problems are new or revised
  • Coverage of recently developed manufacturing processes is continually added, keeping pace with the changes in the manufacturing industry
  • Contains comprehensive coverage of electronics manufacturing technologies, acknowledging the substantial increase in commercial importance of electronics products and their associated industries
  • Emphasises the science of manufacturing

Topics covered

1. Introduction and Overview of Manufacturing 1

2. The Nature of Materials 36

3. Mechanical Properties of Materials 52

4. Physical Properties of Materials 83

5. Dimensions, Surfaces, and Their Measurement 95

6. Metals 118

7. Ceramics 159

8. Polymers 176

9. Composite Materials 212

10. Fundamentals of Metal Casting 230

11. Metal Casting Processes 251

12. Glassworking 287

13. Shaping Processes for Plastics 297

14. Processing of Polymer Matrix Composites and Rubber 348

15. Powder Metallurgy 375

16. Processing of Ceramics and Cermets 400

17. Fundamentals of Metal Forming 416

18. Bulk Deformation Processes in Metalworking 429

19. Sheet Metalworking 481

20. Theory of Metal Machining 522

21. Machining Operations and Machine Tools 548

22. Cutting-Tool Technology 596

23. Economic and Product Design Considerations in Machining 632

24. Grinding and Other Abrasive Processes 653

25. Nontraditional Machining and Thermal Cutting Processes 678

26. Heat Treatment of Metals 709

27. Surface Processing Operations 721

28. Fundamentals of Welding 748

29. Welding Processes 765

30. Brazing, Soldering, and Adhesive Bonding 807

31. Mechanical Assembly 825

32. Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing 847

33. Processing of Integrated Circuits 869

34. Electronics Assembly and Packaging 904

35. Microfabrication Technologies 928

36. Nanofabrication Technologies 945

37. Automation Technologies for Manufacturing Systems 964

38. Integrated Manufacturing Systems 997

39. Process Planning and Production Control 1028

40. Quality Control and Inspection 1058