Damien D. McLoughlin
Beverly Barker, Greg Elliott, Sharyn Rundle - Thiele, David Waller

© 2016

Research shows that learning improves when students think or talk about new concepts. WileyPLUS for Marketing gives students the tools and confidence to collaborate with each other and participate more in class. Ideal for introductory courses in marketing.

Hear team members Damien McLoughlin and Beverly Barker discuss their views on how marketing teaching has caught up with marketing practice ...


  • Employability focused: allowing students to see where the skills they develop while studying will benefit them in a career
  • Spotlights/In Action: mini cases within chapters – consist of a slideshow case followed by activities/questions on the content
  • Discussion Threads: suggested discussion points which can be assigned by the instructor or used for self-study
  • Activities: activities based on the content which can be self-study or assigned by the instructor
  • Reflective Questions: open-ended questions at the end of each section/learning objective
  • Concept Check Questions: self-test questions at the end of each section/learning objective
  • Assignment Questions: a test bank for instructors to create assignments in WileyPLUS
  • Active learning approach: blending digital content with student written activities, allows students to take responsibility and engage more fully. 

Topics covered

Contents and Cases:

  1. Introduction to Marketing
    • Nollywood
  2. Marketing Environment
    • Mind Candy and the Digital Economy
  3. Market Research
    • Starbucks in China
  4. Consumer Behaviour
    • GoPro 
  1. Distribution
    • Qatargas
  2. Segmentation
    • Safaricom
  3. Product and Branding
    • Tablet Devices in the UK
  1. Price
    • MailChimp
  2. Promotion
      Lidl in the UK
  3. Services
    • Etihad Airways
  4. Marketing Implementation
    • Selling Tesla without an Advertising Agency