Operations and Supply Chain Management
9th Edition

Operations and Supply Chain Management
Roberta S. Russell
Bernard W. Taylor

© 2017

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For this Operations Management (OM) course, WileyPLUS also offers the following:

  • OM Tools is an Excel add‐in designed to accompany the Russell and Taylor, Operations and Supply Chain Management, 9th edition text. The software consists18 modules with over 60 problem types. OM Tools is easy to use and interpret, and is accompanied by a help file with text references. A new and updated version of OM Tools is available for this edition of the text.
  • Virtual Tours are online tours of service and production facilities. Selected tours are made available to students on the student portion of the website, along with questions that help students apply the concepts they've learned in the text to real‐world companies. A Virtual Tours Master List, organized by industry, contains links to over 200 online tours that instructors may use for assignments or classroom presentation.
  • OM Student Videos offer a collection of videos done by students that provide excellent examples of the concepts illustrated in the text.
  • Excel Files of Exhibit demonstrates the examples from the text in Excel for students and instructors. They are organized by chapter and are listed by their exhibit number.

Topics covered

1. Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management

2. Quality Management

3. Statistical Process Control

4. Product Design

5. Service Design

6. Processes and Technology 

7. Capacity and Facilities Design

8. Human Resources

9. Project Management

10. Supply Chain Management Strategy and Design

11. Global Supply Chain Procurement and Distribution 

12. Forecasting

13. Inventory Management

14. Sales and Operations Planning

15. Resource Planning

16. Lean Systems

17. Scheduling