Organizational Behavior
13th Edition

Organizational Behavior
Mary Uhl-Bien
John R. Schermerhorn, Richard N. Osborn

© 2014

Organizational Behavior brings OB to life. The text relays the value of OB for the workplace and for life, and the value of equally engaging students in this passion so they embrace the material and want to learn even more.

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Topics covered

Part 1 Organizational Behavior Today

Chapter 1 - Introducing Organizational Behavior 

Part 2 Individual Behavior and Performance

Chapter 2 - Diversity, Personality, and Values

Chapter 3 - Perception, Attribution, and Learning

Chapter 4 - Emotions, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction

Chapter 5 - Motivation

Chapter 6 - Motivation and Performance 

Part 3 Teams and Teamwork

Chapter 7 - The Nature of Teams 

Chapter 8 - Teamwork and Performance 

Chapter 9 - Decision Making and Creativity 

Chapter 10 - Conflict and Negotiation 

Part 4 Influence Processes and Leadership

Chapter 11 - Communication

Chapter 12 - Power and Politics 

Chapter 13 - The Leadership Process

Chapter 14 - Leadership Traits and Behavioral Styles

Part 5 Organizational Context

Chapter 15 - Organizational Culture

Chapter 16 - Organizational Structures 

OB Skills Workbook  

OB Module Online

Research Methods in OB