Catherine  A. Sanderson

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Developed for the introduction to psychology course, this NEW digital course solution is focused on aiding critical thinking, conceptual understanding, and application of knowledge. Real-life examples allow for a richer investigation of content, ensuring that students understand the relevance to their lives and future careers.

WileyPLUS for Psychology includes innovative new videos that bring the content to life through vivid, real-world examples. Video storytelling is enhanced by other visual elements - such as graphics, definitions, and quotations - to activate students’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the material. By assigning these section-opening videos, you will make the content personally relevant to your students and increase their motivation in the course.

WileyPLUS includes ORION, a personal, adaptive learning experience that assists students in building their proficiency on learning objectives and using their study time more effectively, especially before quizzes and exams. By tracking students’ work, ORION provides instructors with insights into students’ work, without having to ask. Efficacy research shows that WileyPLUS improves student outcomes by as much as one letter grade. This collaborative learning environment provides immediate insight into strengths and problem areas through visual reports so that both you and your students can act on what’s most important.