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Wiley Custom Select offers you an array of tools and services designed to put content creation back in your hands. Our suite of custom products empowers you to create high-quality, economical education solutions tailored to meet your individual classroom needs.

Wiley Custom Select

Why not create the perfect course content for you and your students?

With over 5,700 titles to choose from, as well as the ability to add your own lecture notes and materials, Wiley Custom Select gives you the freedom to create content as a printed book or as an e‑text.

You can choose the material you need, and place it in the order you want to create the ideal text for your course.

Wiley Custom Publishing enables you to:


Choose content from Wiley's extensive library


Organise content to fit your teaching objectives


Choose the format that best suits your students' needs

"The process was really straightforward. We had fantastic support from the team at Wiley and our students are now benefitting from a unique textbook that has been carefully aligned to the aim and scope of our course." Dr Adrian R. Pierotti – Department of Life Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University

Start creating your course content today

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Please note there is a minimum quantity for custom projects. For further details and pricing information please contact your Wiley Custom Solutions Representative.

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