Empowering you to achieve success

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Empowering you to achieve success

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3 easy steps to get access to WileyPLUS

Throughout your course, WileyPLUS can support and help you to master your subject and achieve the best possible outcomes. Here's how...

Step 1

Once your lecturer has confirmed that WileyPLUS is to be used on your course, you will need a registration code to set up your account.

Step 2

Codes can be purchased either via your local bookstore as part of a book/card set, or directly from wileyplus.com

Step 3

Now you have your code, locate your course on wileyplus.com and access your course materials.

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Over 1 million students use Wiley's digital content every year. Engage with WileyPLUS and see how your results will improve.

Enhanced content

Research indicates there are greater gains in retaining and understanding knowledge when students read, visualise, interact with, discuss and write about content.

A dynamic digital textbook with videos and interactivities embedded at the point of learning creates an engaging study experience for you beyond the classroom.

Achieve your best results with:
  • An engaging, interactive way to learn
  • Highlights, bookmarks and discussions within the dynamic digital textbook
  • Everything in one place for effective study
  • Videos, animations and interactivities to boost your understanding of complex concepts


Analytics is crucial in enabling early diagnosis and intervention to address any problems you may have on your course.

Real-time reports show your lecturer how well you are doing and also enables them to take action to help you towards your learning objectives.

Achieve your best results with:
  • Tracking your learning progress in real time to know where you stand
  • Identifying problem areas early, which will enable you to save time
  • Measuring your confidence with actual proficiency for more targeted study


Research indicates that when collaborative learning techniques are used to support instruction, students tend to be more engaged, retain information better and have better learning outcomes.

The Course Stream and discussions tab within WileyPLUS enables you to comment, ask questions, discuss content and share resources online to support each other’s learning.

Achieve your best results with:
  • A more engaging, interactive way to learn
  • A familiar social media style of sharing and communicating
  • Support every step of the way


WileyPLUS enables lecturers to combine their own material with content from our leading authors to create the perfect content and resources for your course.

You can personalise your own learning by highlighting, commenting, annotating and sharing course content from the e‑textbook.

Achieve your best results with:
  • A personal study guide created as you work
  • All activities saved in ‘My Notes’ for easy review
  • Effective study habits
"I liked the hints within WileyPLUS very much in the sense that it provided more time to actually do the questions and then if you went wrong it gave you a hint on how to tackle it." Student – Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa